Anus (Ain’t Us)

Following up Trump
Is like keeping up
With the itsy bitsy spider who went up the rump
Crawling around the toilet bowl
It’s almost as disgusting as Trump’s soul

Unprecedented in being unpresidential
This dude is simple-
Ton of – you know what?
He may be a genius!
Getting elected off of America’s thesis
Fine print
Treating Black folks like they not ish
Coppers beat us like we not worth one cent
Remember, this is the “law and order” president
Now that’s a steaming pile of BS
Yet some folks think this prez is the best?

Stop caping and trying to explain this anus
Who voted this abyss into office? Ain’t us
Everything Trump touches gets tainted
Whole thing got the country looking brainless

Media debating whether to say “s—hole”
Media delaying, clever way of playing their role
What a bunch of boobs
Feeding us Trump through their expensive tubes
They some s-holes too
Trading influence for affluence, riches to rags
Living up to a standard of faux news — sad!

White power hand gesture looks like a pucker
Foreshadows how the country gets reamed by bloodsuckers
Politics is a dirty game
And that’s before Trump called Haiti and Africa out of their names
Dog-eat-dog capitalism plan
Then take a doggie dump in a foreign land

So if comments squirt out that don’t smell like class
It’s the digestional tract of a president who’s an ass

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